Selected Reference Projects (2002-2013)


  • Cluster Coaching - Norway


Coaching of cluster organizations for Innovation Norway

Cluster internationalization


  • Cluster Coaching – Sweden


Peak Innovation, Jämtland

The Paper Province, Värmland

The Packaging Arena, Värmland

Future Position X, Gävleborg

FindIT, Gävleborg


  • The Cluster Observatory


Partner in project for the European Commission – DG Enterprise, Brussels


Reported in: Strengthening Clusters and Competitiveness in Europe. Stockholm:

Center for Strategy and Competitivenes (2012).

Reported in: The Cluster Initiative Greenbook 2.0. (2013).


  • Clusters in EU-10


Cluster mapping project for the European Commission – DG Enterprise, Brussels

Reported in: Innovation Clusters in the 10 New member States of the European Union.

Europe INNOVA paper No 1.


  • Global Cluster Initiative Survey (GCIS)


Project for Vinnova, Stockholm

The Competitiveness Institute Annual Conference

Reported in: The Cluster Initiative Greenbook (2003).


  • Baltic Sea Region Competitiveness


Project for Vinnova

Reported in: Regional and Cluster Competitiveness in the Baltic Sea Region (2013).


Project for The Baltic Development Forum (BDF), Copenhagen

Reported in: State of the Region reports (2005 – 2009).



  • Cluster Program Evaluation


Regional policy and cluster programs in:

Grand Lyon

Barcelona Activa




Business Region Göteborg

City of Helsinki

City of Leipzig

Manchester Enterprises


Reported in: Slutrapport CLUSNET – att organisera kluster för innovation (also in English)


North Mid Sweden Region (SLIM) – 12 Clusters

Reported in: Building the Cluster Commons. Stockholm: Ivory Tower Publishers (2013)


  • Global Cluster Observatory Portal
  • Cluster Education


Education Programs in the area of clusters, cluster policy and cluster initiatives:

Internet-based video programs (see Classroom on Cluster Observatory Home page).


Class teaching, examples: Enterprise Estonia, Reg X, Denmark.





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