• 2003 Greenbook Örjan Sölvell, Göran Lindqvist and Christian Ketels

The Cluster Initiative Greenbook

Also available in Czech and Polish


  • 2006 Bluebook Christian Ketels, Göran Lindqvist and Örjan Sölvell

Cluster Initiatives in Developing and Transition Economies


  • 2009 Redbook Örjan Sölvell

Clusters – Balancing Evolutionary and Constructive Forces

Also available in Spanish


  • 2013 Orangebook Örjan Sölvell and Mats Williams

Building the Cluster Commons


  • 2013 Greenbook 2.0 Göran Lindqvist, Christian Ketels and Örjan Sölvell


  • 2015 Cookbook Örjan Sölvell

On Strategy & Competitiveness - 10 recipies for analytical success


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